Top 10 Natural Healthcare Affiliate Programs

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A friend who was injured during a car accident a couple of years ago opened my eyes to the expenses—and the necessity—of healthcare programs. While she recovered from various surgeries, she used an in-home single bed. She was also diagnosed with diabetes, and she or he began treatment, including daily shots and blood glucose tests.

This friend had great insurance through her work, therefore the expenses weren’t as overpowering as they might are. However, healthcare is a problem for everybody, and global healthcare costs are rising at a rate of about 5.4%. They’re expected to succeed in quite $10 trillion in 2022.

As customers struggle to seek out innovative ways to urge the healthcare they have, affiliate marketers can help by matching them up with the businesses which will help serve them best. this might range from herbal remedies and supplements to medical supplies, equipment, insurance, and even online doctor visits.

If you’re curious about helping people get the healthcare they seek and making a profit as you are doing, read through this list of top 10 healthcare affiliate programs. You’ll be ready to get a pity the sorts of healthcare companies that are available and the way you would possibly put them to figure for you.

Healthcare Affiliate Programs

1.Sisquoc Healthcare
2.Health Products For You
3.eHealth Insurance
4.integrated Health
5.Good Health Naturally
6.Health Plans Of America
8.True Health Labs
9.Cirrus Medical Network
10.Medical Supply Depot

Sisquoc Healthcare


Sisquoc Healthcare carries a couple of dietary supplements to assist with weight loss, detoxification, and oral health, but its main products are for the skin. Sisquoc is best known for its topical treatments for skin infections, fungal infections (such as ringworm), and wart removers, and only the simplest ingredients are utilized in the products.

This company also provides a little selection of skin brighteners and scar serum. The affiliate program is run through ShareASale.

Why you ought to Promote Sisquoc Healthcare: Although the products appear to be both safe and effective, there’s no information on cookie length or commission rate, so it’s difficult to inform whether an affiliate marketer could make much money with this partnership.

Health Products For You


Health Products For You sells a pleasant range of health care products and residential medical supplies, with the goal of creating healthcare both affordable and accessible to everyone.

Instead of watching over-the-counter medicines, this company sells items like wheelchairs, hospital beds, nebulizers, bedpans, and other items that might be utilized in hospitals or long-term care facilities. Customers can shop by the sort of things they have, and products are sorted into categories like wound care, incontinence, urological issues, respiratory problems, women’s health, mobility, and rehabilitation.

There are quite 20,000 products that will be promoted on affiliate marketing websites. The affiliate program is run through ShareASale.

Why you ought to Promote Health Products For You: Besides offering home healthcare products that are difficult to seek out outside of specialty stores, this company works to supply low prices for patrons, which might be a converting factor.

eHealth Insurance


E-Health Insurance provides insurance to businesses, families, and individuals, with quite 10,000 insurance products online that customers can flick through and compare side-by-side. This company works with around 180 different insurance companies to be ready to present these products.

Affiliates get paid a bounty whenever a referral submits an application for insurance. The commission for dental insurance or short-term insurance applications is $10. Applications for student insurance usher in $20 each, and individual or family insurance applications get a commission of $50 each. the very best commission level is $75, which is purchased applications for little business group insurance.

Why you ought to Promote e-Health Insurance: Customers can view quotes, compare policies, and apply for insurance online, from one website. For affiliates, the commission structure is simple.

Integrated Health


Integrated Health is that the website for Health Products Distributors, Inc. This company designs products like supplements that are easy to soak up and delicate for people that have chemical sensitivity, with an outsized specialization in dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals.

resellers will need to create an account before they will view individual product pages. The products are sold to resellers, so affiliate marketers would presumably need a distinct segment market website that might target small business owners who sell healthcare supplements.

Why you ought to Promote Integrated Health: The commission is sweet, and therefore the products might be geared toward niches both for little healthcare businesses and for those that have chemical sensitivity.

Good Health Naturally


Good Health Naturally may be a natural healthcare supplement company based within the UK. the complete catalog has around 230 items, with products designed to assist with the healing process, promote gut health, slow aging, boost the system, and even improve eye health.

Some products are sold in packs also as individually for issues like fertility, arthritis, or heart health. healthiness Naturally uses Post Affiliate Pro to run its affiliate program.

Why you ought to Promote healthiness Naturally: the corporate hold periodic seminars to assist affiliate marketers in continually improve their selling skills, and it offers some offline selling programs, as well.

Health Plans Of America

As with eHealth Insurance, Health Plans of America pays affiliates a commission for each submitted application for insurance. It also focuses on offering competitive insurance quotes for people and families, seniors, and young adults, instead of on providing the insurance itself.

Besides insurance, the Health Plans of America affiliate program pays affiliate commissions for submitted applications for other insurance types, including life assurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and even Medicare.

Why you ought to Promote Health Plans Of America: While healthcare insurance quotes are the highest priority for this company.

However, there’s no commission or cookie length mentioned, so it’s hard to urge a pity what an affiliate could actually make with this company.



Fitbit may be a smartwatch with a spread of various health-tracking benefits. counting on the watch, join free workouts, track food intake and exercise, and monitor heart rates or conditions like diabetes.

the Fitbit is strong social network capabilities, including challenges within the Fitbit community.

Why you ought to Promote Fitbit: This is often both a high-end product (with watches costing $70-$250 each) and a well-known product. Shoppers will recognize the brand, and even the upper product value could mean a touch more in affiliate commissions.

True Health Labs

True Health Labs is a stimulating service because it provides lab work for patrons directly, without the prescription or recommendation of a doctor. Shoppers order the tests they need and buy them online, and True Health Labs writes the orders for the tests. Then the customer goes to a draw location, has the lab work done, and waits for the remainder to lead to the mail. The results usually come within ten days.

The appeal of the independent lab work that True Health Labs provides is that it allows customers greater participation in their own health care, including the power to rule This company, is additionally an excellent partner for health bloggers, health and wellness coaches, and independent physicians.

Cirrus Medical Network


Cirrus Medical Network is a web concierge medical service that permits customers to go to a physician over the web for a few medical problems. People on Medicare can get access to a medical care physician this manner, and it saves time and money for people needing acute care.

Cirrus provides these services through both one-time online doctor visits and monthly subscription services. The monthly services cost $59 for patrons who pay month to month, but paying three months at a time or a year at a time brings the monthly cost right down to $49 and $39, respectively.

Why you ought to Promote Cirrus Medical Network: The medical concierge industry is fairly new, with potential for tons of growth.

Medical Supply Depot


Medical Supply Depot sells medical and healthcare products for the home use. Shoppers can find furniture like hospital beds, also as walk-in baths and bath safety products, diagnostic tools, walking aids and wheelchairs, wound care, urological issues, skincare, and even orthopedics.

The primary audience is people that require in-home care and therefore the family and friends who look after them. The products are priced fairly, and therefore the company strives to deliver items quickly, work openly and honestly, and supply excellent customer service, which might be a draw for a few aging shoppers.

Why you ought to Promote Medical Supply Depot: The commission is tiered, therefore the more you sell, the extra money you’ll make per sale. The products have nice price tags, too, even when they’re priced competitively, and this might end in more affiliate earnings.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve browsed through the highest 10 healthcare affiliate programs, you would possibly have some ideas for niche marketing websites where you’ll make use of them. If not, I even have a couple of ideas to share that you simply can use as a springboard.

For example, you’ll create an internet site that focuses specifically on medical healthcare for youngsters. Medical supplies, online doctor concierges, and specially-sized medical furniture and equipment might be featured here. you’ll also promote organic clothing or perfume-free bath and skin products for sensitive children, also as subscriptions to soothing music services.

What a few niche website that focuses on all things leg-and-feet? Besides medical equipment like walkers and scooters, affiliates could promote orthopedics, specialty trainers, and even novelty socks.

Another idea may be a niche market website that zeroes in on wound recovery. an internet site like this one could promote all the wound-related healthcare products and equipment listed above. It could also feature online therapeutic resources for handling trauma, lawyer services, and job boards and resume services for those that got to find new careers.

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