Most 10 Natural Seafood Affiliate Programs For Oceans

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In 2017, us marketplace for seafood restaurants brought in estimated expenditures of $69.6 billion, with expenditures for home consumption products coming in at $32.5 billion. Now, with the worldwide pandemic in mind, it’s likely that folks will find their seafood fixes reception instead of at restaurants. This exposes opportunities for affiliate marketers to attach seafood lovers with seafood companies that will ship them the foods they’re craving most.

The best seafood companies include both cannon fodder and gourmet seafood products, also as a spread of other items. If you’re interested, read through this list of the highest ten seafood affiliate programs. At the top of this text, I’ll share some ways you’ll bring these Seafood programs into your affiliate websites.

Seafood Affiliate Programs

1.Vital Choice
2.Crab Place
4.Giovanni’s Fish Market
5.Global Seafood
6.Cameron’s Seafood
7.Tar Bay Seafood
8.Gourmet Food Store
9.Omaha Steaks
10.Alaska Gold Seafood

Vital Choice

Vital Choice may be a well-known seafood company that sells wild seafood and organic foods. Products include 15 sorts of cannon fodder, several sorts of shellfish, canned and pouched seafood, and premium non-seafood proteins like grass-fed beef. This company also carries a good sort of marine-based nutritional supplements and high-quality foods like flash-frozen berries.

One nice thing about Vital Choice, products is that each one of them is sustainably sourced or certified-sustainable.

This company offers free shipping on all orders totaling quite $99. Besides individual orders, Vital Choice offers customers the choice to subscribe to monthly shipments of specially curated seafood products and other items.

The Seafood affiliate program is run through Pepperjam. This company pays a forty-five commission rate for brand spanking new customers and a tenth commission rate for repeat customers.

Why you ought to Promote Vital Choice: This company carries an excellent selection of high-quality seafood, also as other premium food products and nutritional supplements. Free shipping is out there, also as a subscription box for interested customers. Affiliates can earn commissions on repeat customer orders also as new referrals.

Crab Place

Crab Place sells award-winning Maryland seafood throughout us. Seafood Products include a spread of crabs, clams, crawfish, cannon fodder, crab legs, lobster tails, oysters, scallops, and shrimp, also as seasonings, sauces, cookbooks, and kitchen items. Gift cards and gift certificates are available, too. Orders arrive within one to 2 days through UPS. This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Seafood affiliate program is run through ShareASale. the typical order value is quite $100. Affiliates have access to text links, banner ads, recipe links, cookbook links, individual product linking options, seafood widgets, and a number of other data feeds.

Why you ought to Promote Crab Place: Crab Place focuses on crab products but still carries a pleasant selection of other seafood. Shipping is fast, and therefore the company offers a satisfaction guarantee.


Rastelli’s maybe a closed corporation that has been within the meat shop business for many years. they supply all types of meat including seafood that is blast frozen for total freshness. Because the freezing happens in a matter of minutes, all the microbes are inactivated, preserving it during a state of freshness.

Rastelli’s Seafood affiliate program is managed by Impact. One can simply signup for free of charge via Impact and obtain a $25 commission per order.

Why you ought to Promote Rastelli’s: the corporate has been within the business since 1976. they need an excellent seafood selection also as other meat products. Free shipping is additionally offered for orders over $200.

Giovanni’s Fish Market

Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley maybe a fish market in California that ships high-quality seafood to destinations across us. their Products include crab, fillet fish, lobster, oysters, shellfish, shrimp, smoked fish, and sushi. This company also carries some non-seafood items like seasonings, sauces, gifts, and company apparel.

the web site includes a tab for Seafood recipes, as well. All orders within us are shipped overnight. Customers receive free shipping on orders of quite $300.

Giovanni’s Fish Market runs its own affiliate program. Affiliates can apply by entering their name, email address, and telephone number during a short application box on the affiliate webpage.

Why you ought to Promote Giovanni’s Fish Market: The big variety of seafood, free shipping options, and overnight shipping could appeal to some customers.

Global Seafood

Global Seafoods features a nice selection of seafood. seafoods are included shellfish, sablefish, Alaskan salmon, tuna, whitefish, flatfish, and rockfish. This company also carries smoked seafood, supplements like marine collagen and omega-3 fats, kitchen supplies like knives and cutting boards, and even seafood for pets.

This Seafood company offers free shipping for all orders of quite $399. Orders are shipped through FedEx. the web site features a blog page that has videos, recipes, and news.The affiliate program is run within the house, and therefore the affiliate webpage contains a form.

Why you ought to Promote Global Seafoods: Global Seafoods features a great selection of seafood and seafood products, including supplements.

Cameron’s Seafood

Cameron’s Seafood may be a Maryland-based seafood company that has been in business for quite 32 years has quite 1 million customers. With 32 local stores and a robust online presence, this company is Maryland’s largest seller of Maryland blue crabs and crab cakes.

Besides crab, Cameron’s Seafood sells shrimp, lobster, shellfish, cannon fodder, and seafood soups. The seafood is caught daily. Customers who purchase samplers get free shipping, and free shipping is additionally available on orders of quite $199.

Cameron’s Seafood runs its own Seafood affiliate program, and affiliates can check-in right from the affiliate webpage.

Why you ought to Promote Cameron’s Seafood: This company features a strong customer base, offers free shipping on samplers, and ships fresh seafood quickly. Cameron’s Seafood also features a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and e-gift cards are available, too.

Tar Bay Seafood

Tar Bay Seafood sells a spread of crabs, oysters, and scallops, also as seafood seasonings, soup mixes, and accessories. Customers also can purchase gift certificates for friends, which may be printed and sent through the mail or emailed to the recipient.

The website includes a deal of the day category, also as a list for shoppers who might want to return back for more later.

Tar Bay Seafood runs its own Seafood affiliate program. New affiliates can check-in by creating a customer account then logging in with their customer account email and password.

Why you ought to Promote Tar Bay Seafood: Tar Bay Seafood focuses on crabs, scallops, and oysters. The list and deal of the day categories are nice for shoppers.

Gourmet Food Store

Gourmet Food Store sells a good sort of gourmet foods, including some seafood like caviar and salmon. The affiliate program is run in-house. affiliates also earn commissions on referred sales to,, and

Why you ought to Promote the Gourmet Food Store: Besides a variety of gourmet seafood and other gourmet foods, the affiliate program includes three sister companies.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks focuses on beef, but it also carries poultry and a good sort of seafood, including several sorts of fish, shellfish, seafood entrees, and packages. Besides protein sources, this company sells desserts, soups, starters, sides, wine, and gifts. Several of the packages are often shipped for free of charge.

The Seafood affiliate program is run through Rakuten. This network doesn’t use cookies, relying instead on a patent-pending RTP technology to trace sales. Affiliates are given marketing materials like text links and virtual storefronts.

Why you ought to Promote Omaha Steaks: Omaha Steaks offers a good sort of seafood and other foods, which could raise the handcart total. However, the commission rate isn’t listed, so it’s difficult to inform what proportion you’ll make with this company.

Alaska Gold Seafood

Alaska Gold Seafood sells portions of sea fish like black cod, halibut, king salmon, and coho salmon. These premium products home in price from $95 to $635 per shipment. This company also sells canned tuna, salmon, and variety packs. Gift cards are available, and Alaska Gold Seafood features a loyalty Seafood delivery program that permits customers to check-in for repeating shipments at discounted prices. the web site includes recipes and knowledge about the health benefits of eating fish as a part of a spread of various diets.

Alaska Gold Brand’s affiliate program is traveled by ShareASale. Their affiliates will get an 8% commission for brand spanking new customers and a 5% commission for returning ones. The cookie life is about 45 days. Affiliates also will have access to regularly updated text links and banners.

Why you ought to Promote Alaska Gold Seafood: The recipes, loyalty Seafood program, and nice selection could attract some shoppers. it is a great online destination for hook-and-line-caught wild Alaska seafood.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read through this list of the highest ten seafood affiliate programs, it’s time to debate the way to put them to use for you. There are several ways you’ll do that.

For example, Seafood websites about certain states, like Maryland or Alaska, might include seafood as a part of the state’s economic contributors. Seafood might be promoted here, also as fishing tours, historical tours, and even cruises.

A Seafood website that specializes in entertaining reception might be another good option. Besides promoting seafood, an internet site like this one could feature wine clubs, portable bars, patio furniture, home décor, and party supplies.

A final idea may be a website for people trying to follow a selected diet plan, like the Mediterranean diet, Keto, or Paleo. Any of the seafood programs listed above would be an honest fit. you’ll also promote meal planning services like PlateJoy, meal kit Seafood delivery services, nutritional supplements, and even virtual weight loss coaches.

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