Most 10 Wonderful Tourism Affiliate Programs

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The global travel and tourism industry is a Popular travel destination include France, Spain, us, China, Italy, Mexico, and therefore the UK. Here are 10 great tourism affiliate programs to corner a number of the huge leisure markets:

Tourism Affiliate Programs

1.Big Bus Tours
2.Urban Adventures
3.Weekend in Italy
4.Be Live Hotels
5.Central Park Sightseeing

Big Bus Tours


Big Bus Tours was established in London. it is the world’s largest operator of open-top sightseeing tours. they’re currently operating in 20 cities including Paris, Vienna, New York, Dubai, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Affiliates earn commissions on 18 destinations. Big Bus Tours uses Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates have access to an excellent selection of selling materials and tracking tools on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Why do you have to Promote Big Bus Tours tourism network: Largest open-top sightseeing tour operator, in 20 cities around the world, the good commission rate

It’s important to notice loyalty/cashback affiliates earn 8% commissions and Voucher/Coupon/Discount affiliates earn 5% commissions.

Urban Adventures


Urban Adventures may be a new sort of travel experience for those that wish to get off the beaten path and connect with the destination. Experiences can range from a few hours to an all-day adventure. they permit tourists to explore interesting places, meet locals, and really discover the culture and environment.

They manage their affiliate program in-house. Urban Adventures provides its affiliates with banners, direct links, embedded links, and white label affiliate options. They automatically send you the link and coding information you would like to urge to start earning great commissions directly.

Why do you have to Promote Urban Adventures: Unique travel experiences, in 150+ cities, easy to use marketing materials

Affiliates earn a generous 10% commission rate with a particularly long 6-month cookie life in order that they can convert more leads.

Weekend in Italy


Weekend in Italy may be a leading ticket site for attractions, museums, special events, and tours throughout Italy. Their primary audience is independent travelers who wish to make their own travel arrangements but they also cater to travel agents that resell their services. they provide over 600 services alongside free city by city itineraries and travel tips.

Their affiliate program is powered by Commission Junction. Weekend in Italy provides its affiliates with marketing materials like banner ads and text links alongside reporting tools. Affiliates are encouraged to succeed in bent their affiliate partner manager if they need any questions or concerns.

Why do you have to Promote Weekend in Italy: Top attraction ticket website, over 600 offers, generous commission rates

Affiliates earn 12% commissions per action for total sales amounts adequate to or greater than $1000.

Be Live Hotels


they need 31 hotels around a number of the most tourist destinations within the Caribbean and therefore the Mediterranean area. they need 6 different concepts to suit your needs including experience, city center, adults-only, and family.

they provide consistent sales throughout the year. Be Live Hotels uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates have access to creatives, tracking tools, and their data feed to assist them to promote.

Why do you have to Promote Be Live Hotels: travel by Spain’s first tourism company, 31 hotels to market, very high average order value

Affiliates can promote their luxury hotel experiences that are an honest value for the cash.

Central Park Sightseeing


they provide activities that help enhance your experience while visiting Central Park. they give horse carriage rides, bike tours, bike rentals, helicopter tours, and etc.

Affiliates can check in with ShareASale, Commission Junction, or PepperJam. Central Park Sightseeing offers its affiliates an excellent selection of coupons, offers, text links, banner ads, and merchandise data feeds. They also provide all the tools needed to urge started including a knowledgeable affiliate manager to answer any questions.

Why do you have to Promote Central Park Sightseeing: Top Central Park activities and excursions, many different experiences, frequent offers, and coupons.

Affiliates can promote their services anytime they write on my City tourism.



Pestana is that the largest Portuguese tourism and leisure, group. they need quite 90 hotels in 15 countries across Europe, America, and Africa. Their included beach resorts, all-inclusive hotels, city hotels, luxury hotels, and more. They also offer an outsized selection of activities like golf, fishing, safari, horse riding, nightlife, and more.

Their average order value is $744. Pestana uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates have access to their portfolio of over 90 hotels, a good sort of marketing materials, and reporting tools.

Why do you have to Promote Pestana: 4 brands to market, over 90 hotels, large average order value

Affiliates earn a really generous commission rate with high average order values and no seasonal variation.



Cookly is that the leading cooking class booking platform. they provide quite 500 cooking classes in over 50 culinary destinations around the world and counting. The culinary tourism industry increases by 7% annually.
Their average basket size is $100. Cookly uses Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program. they supply their affiliates with an excellent selection of creatives and marketing tools on CJ’s easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Why do you have to Promote Cookly: Top booking platform for cooking classes, over 500 classes around the world, fast-growing culinary tourism industry product



Hotelopia is one of the highest online travel agencies. they provide reservations for hotels, transfers, and tickets to activities. All of their hotel listings include detailed descriptions, information, images, customer reviews, and maps to find out more about the world.

Affiliates can check-in for the Hotelopia affiliate program on ShareASale. they supply marketing tools like banners, logos, widgets, text links, API with XML connectivity, CSV static feeds, and deep links. Hotelopia also provides white-label opportunities for a few partners.

Why do you have to Promote Hotelopia: Top agency, over 60,000 hotels, great selection of selling tools

It’s important to notice they only accept incentivized traffic from cashback and loyalty/reward affiliates.



Eurail offers a variety of discounted train passes to Non-European train travelers. They sell approximately 100,000 passes annually with U.S. sales making up around 60% of the entire passes. Travelers can choose between 1st or 2nd class alongside a variety of various passes.

Their average order value is $750. Eurail uses Awin to manage its affiliate program. they supply their affiliates with optimized marketing tools like banners, text links, widgets, alongside reporting tools to trace their sales and commissions.

Why do you have to Promote Eurail: #1 Rail Pass, high average order, optimized marketing tools.



TripAdvisor may be a trusted source for travel advice. they’re the world’s largest travel community. Users can access over 600 million reviews alongside travel listings that cover approximately 7.7 million accommodations, experiences, restaurants, and airlines. They also compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites to assist travelers to find rock bottom prices on the proper hotel for them.

Affiliates have access to great marketing tools like real-time reporting and deep linking to quite 500,000 hotel/city pages. TripAdvisor is consistently adding new products and promotions to assist increase conversion rates.

Why do you have to Promote TripAdvisor: World’s leading travel site, continuous product launches, many new promotions

Affiliates earn a minimum of 50% commissions on the revenue generated from commerce links or ads throughout their site.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve got discovered 10 great tourism affiliate programs, it is time to select a tourism niche to specialize in. you’ll target bus tours, Big Bus Tours offers open-top sightseeing tours and experiences in 20 cities. Affiliates earn a tenth commission on sales.

Day tours are another niche idea for people trying to find things to try to within the city they’re staying in. Urban Adventures offers day trips for people looking to urge off the beaten track and knowledge of the local culture. they provide 10% on all confirmed bookings.

You could also target culinary tourism. Cookly offers quite 500 cooking classes in 50+ culinary destinations around the world. Affiliates earn 5-10% commissions supported by the destination.

There are really an infinite amount of niches out there that you simply could target under the umbrella of tourism. My advice is to believe whom you would like to form your website for, rather than WHAT you would like to market.

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