Most 10 Best Therapy Affiliate Programs

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The best therapy affiliate programs cover everything from psychotherapy and physiotherapy to music therapy and psychotherapy.

some persons have depressed days, discouragement, anger, and times when everything in life seems wrong. That’s normal. What’s scary is that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety transcend the essential blues. they will extend for weeks, months, and even years.

Most people experience some sort of mental disease at some point. Worldwide, around 25% of the population experiences a psychological state issue annually. within us, various sorts of therapy are helpful in both the long-term and short-term for coping and finding solutions.

Affiliate marketers can help—and make money within the process—by advertising therapy programs on their niche market websites. If it’s something you’re curious about, read through this list of the highest 10 therapy affiliate programs, and check out to consider ways you’ll promote these programs on your websites. I’ll share a number of my very own ideas at the top of this text.

#Therapy Affiliate Programs

1.Online Therapy
2.Therapy-At-Home Workbooks
4.Play Therapy Supply
5.Block Therapy
6Self-Therapy Journey
7.Renaissance Life Therapies
8.Cupping USA
9.Music Therapy Suite
10.Physical Therapy Builder

#Online Therapy


Online Therapy may be a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program that’s administered over the web. The therapists are all certified. With some plans, customers also get a web toolbox that has worksheets, live chats, a messaging system where customers can chat with their therapists, a journal, an activity plan, and even yoga.

Online Therapy packages also accompany access to an eight-module course focused on cognitive behavioral therapy. Costs range from around $32 per week to about $64 per week.

Why you ought to Promote Online Therapy: One nice thing about this company is that it gives a 20% discount to new referrals coming through affiliate links, which discount could help convert some shoppers.

#Therapy-At-Home Workbooks


Therapy-At-Home Workbooks are a couple of the products sold on the Love And Life Toolbox website, which is owned by Lisa Kift, MFT. the whole website focuses on emotional and relationship health. Products include a spread of consultations that home in cost from $20-80, a web course that specializes in breaking unhealthy relationship habits, and a group of e-books.

The affiliate program covers four workbooks that are designed to guide customers as they run through their challenges, in situ of downloadable products or in-person therapy sessions.

Why you ought to Promote Therapy-At-Home Workbooks: the choice to use workbooks instead of consultations or downloadable products could appeal to some customers. For affiliate marketers, the five hundred commission rate is tough to beat.


Sunlight may be a light therapy company that gives items like glasses with colored lenses, also like red and amber lamps, book lights, and night lights.

The products sold by Somnilight are designed to assist people to avoid insomnia, migraines, ADHD, and more.

This company ships products for free of charge within us and therefore the products accompany a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Why you ought to Promote Somnilight: Somnilight’s products offer an alternative to psychotherapy for a few mental disorders and other challenges. The products are relatively inexpensive compared to other sorts of therapy, which could convert some shoppers, too.

#Play Therapy Supply


Play Therapy Supply provides toys and other supplies for psychotherapy, which may be a way that both children and adults can freely explore their world in ways in which help them feel safe and secure.

The psychotherapy Supply store includes items like sand tables, games, books, art projects, and sensory toys. Shoppers can filter their searches by grades if they’re checking out items for youngsters, and that they can look for products specifically surely challenges like depression, social skills, self-esteem, and mindfulness.

Why you ought to Promote psychotherapy Supply: Besides having an outsized number of products to settle on from, things can slot in most budgets. this might help convert shoppers and raise handcart totals.

#Block Therapy


Block Therapy may be a body-healing technique that’s supported fluid isometrics, which helps increase blood circulation and oxygen flow in various parts of the physical body. , customers do the exercises and routines themselves by lying on a wooden block to correct positions.

Block Therapy is often used for challenges like posture, weight gain, chronic pain, and aging. Packages include wooden blocks, full-body programs, and more.

Why you ought to Promote Block Therapy: this sort of therapy is often helpful for people that try to mix mental healing with full-body healing. For affiliates, there’s a chance to earn 5% on sales made through other associates who check-in due to you. another affiliate perk is that affiliates earn commissions on all futurable products that their referrals buy.

#Self-Therapy Journey


Self-Therapy Journey is all about healing psychological issues during a convenient, private setting. Customers run through a web course at their own pace. the method is supposed to assist people to see patterns in their lives, discover their potential, and start to use it, and heal their personal wounds. Customers are taught a five-step process to assist them to regain their psychological health.

One nice thing about this company is that it also offers a free test to assist customers who have multiple issues to determine where to start out, then they work on their challenge areas one by one.

Why you ought to Promote Self-Therapy Journey: Affiliates who refer second-tier affiliates get the tenth commission on sales made by those affiliates.

#Renaissance Life Therapies

Renaissance Life Therapies offers private one-on-one psychotherapy sessions online, also as self-help courses covering a spread of topics. These courses cost around £200 each.

The one-on-one therapy sessions are delivered through Skype. This company is exclusive because it’s open 24/7. Clients from anywhere within the world can book a meeting and have that appointment ten minutes later.

Why you ought to Promote Renaissance Life Therapies: the power to satisfy a counselor or psychotherapist quickly could convert customers who are currently experiencing trauma. For affiliate marketers, the 30% commission rate is good.

#Cupping USA

Cupping Therapy is an alternate sort of energy medicine that uses cups placed on the skin to make suction.

While there isn’t tons of scientific evidence to copy the utilization of cupping therapy, many of us use it to alleviate muscle tension, increase blood flow, relieve pain, and recover more quickly from sports activities. From a psychological standpoint, cupping is often wont to treat anxiety.

Cupping USA and its parent company, Cupping Canada, offer online courses costing about $375 each that debate the advantages of cupping therapy and the way to try to do it.

Why you ought to Promote Cupping Therapy: Because there isn’t tons of scientific evidence to copy the advantages of using cupping therapy, it’s difficult to recommend this program. However, people that are checking out alternative healing strategies might find this program useful or interesting.

#Music Therapy Suite


Music therapy helps improve lives by taking note of music, singing, or playing an instrument. Unlike some therapy practices, there’s clinical evidence to point out that music therapy has positive effects in several areas, including emotional challenges, communication, cognitive issues, and more.

The Music Therapy Suite sells a spread of musical instruments, tracks, and accessories to assist the music therapy process. a number of the products have relatively high price tags (one xylophone costs nearly $700, for example).

Why you ought to Promote Music Therapy Suite: The relatively high prices on a number of the products could mean a much bigger affiliate income per order. the very fact that music therapy is protected by science is good, too, which might be a converting factor.

#Physical Therapy Builder

Physical Therapy Builder takes a totally different quite approach toward therapy. rather than that specialize in the therapy itself, this company is all about helping physical therapists and other health professionals build their businesses.

The company is predicated on the work of Greg Todd, a physiotherapist who grew his own physiotherapy company from one small business to 2 larger ones. the main target is on building great customer relationships and leveraging that for increased business success.

Why you ought to Promote physiotherapy Builder: the thought of helping therapists grow their own businesses during a competitive marketplace sounds ideal. However, the costs for the courses aren’t listed on most website pages, and therefore the affiliate pages don’t list a commission rate or cookie length, so it’s hard to even guess at what proportion you’ll make as an affiliate marketer with this company.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve examined the highest 10 therapy affiliate programs, you’ll see that there’s tons of variety to settle on from as you choose a distinct segment to figure in.

You might choose a distinct segment that focuses on therapy for people that are recovering from serious illnesses or injuries. On an internet site like this one, you would possibly promote products and services for physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and music therapy. you would possibly also feature home health care supplies and medical insurance.

A suicide prevention website for teens and young adults could promote a number of psychological state therapy options. It could also feature downloadable music and films, fashion, online workout programs, and fun local outings as to how to stay them focused on the great and exciting things in their lives.

One other idea may be a website that zeros in on helping therapists of all types build their businesses. Programs like Greg Todd’s physiotherapy Builder might be featured here. you’ll also promote website developers, online marketers, furniture companies, personalized novelty items to use as advertisements, and little business loans.

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