Most 10 Best Self Defense Affiliate Programs

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Self-defense is a crucial life skill to seek out to guard yourself and your family if you were ever to find yourself during a life or death situation. Self-defense training and tools can assist you to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for dangerous situations. Self-defense tools include aerosol, stun guns, tasers, batons, tactical pens, knives, and key chain weapons. This list doesn’t specialize in guns, but our gun affiliate program list has some great options there too. Here are 10 great self-defense affiliate programs:

Self Defense Affiliate Programs

1.Self Defense Company
2.Reflex Protect
3.Unbreakable Umbrella
4.Survival Combat Fitness
5.Swords of Might
6.Chief Supply
7.Knife Country the USA
9.Super Self Defense
10L.earn Self-Defense Online

Self Defense Company

Self defense

Self Defense Company may be a leader in close combat training. Their founder, Damian Ross, maybe a Hall of Fame athlete, 4th international competitor, private contractor, and security agent with 3 Black Belts. Their self-defense courses and products are featured on NBC, CBS News, Fox News, ABC News, and Oprah.

They use SamCart to manage their affiliate program. Self Defense Company provides its affiliates with text links, banners, and email swipes. Affiliates earn commissions on all memberships and programs.

Why do you have to Promote Self Defense Company: Leading self-defense training, very High Commission rates, the automated affiliate approval process

Affiliates also can promote that they’re an approved contractor for the US Department of Defense.

Reflex Protect

Self defense

Reflex Protect empowers families and workplaces to guard themselves with their non-lethal self-defense spray and violence response training. Reflex Protect gives their affiliates access to a good sort of banner ads, text links, and state of the art reporting tools. Their responsive self-defense affiliate management team is out there to answer any questions and offer suggestions on the way to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Why do you have to Promote Reflex Protect: Unique self-defense spray, patented design, great to market to families and businesses

Unbreakable Umbrella

Self defense

An unbreakable Umbrella may be a multi-purpose tool that will be wont to keep you dry or protect you from muggers. It’s legal to hold, lightweight, and hits as strong as a steel pipe. Their umbrellas are handcrafted with top quality, lightweight materials for unrivaled self-defense strength to guard you against wind, rain, and everything else.

Their affiliate program is managed on their website. Unbreakable self-defense Umbrella provides its affiliates with customizable self-defense affiliate links to share with their friends, family, and viewers.

Why do you have to Promote Unbreakable Umbrella: Umbrella that doubles as a self-defense weapon, legal to hold, versatile and light-weight

Their umbrellas are highly praised by their happy customers and influencers within the self-defense industry.

Survival Combat Fitness

Survival Combat Fitness may be a self-defense fitness program that teaches highly effective Krav Maga self-defense methods that will help save your life. they provide an entire hand handy combat survival system that gets you in fighting fit shape reception with no special self-defense equipment. Customers can learn self-defense tactics reception for a fraction of the value compared to other self-defense classes.

Affiliates can check-in for the Survival Combat Fitness self-defense affiliate program with Clickbank. Affiliates can share unique links on their blog, website, emails, newsletters, and social media pages.

Why do you have to Promote Survival Combat Fitness: Street fighting self-defense training, on the brink of zero refunds, top converting offers

Affiliates can reach bent their affiliate manager, John if they have anything.

Swords of Might

Swords of Might self-defense website offers the foremost comprehensive selection of swords online. they provide swords, armor, and martial arts weapons for each interest and budget. They carry an excellent selection of just about 800 security gear and self-defense products. Their security products include aerosol, tactical pens, stun guns, expandable batons, and flashlights.

They have a mean sale of $100 with products that range from $10 all the high to $10,000. Affiliates can access their big variety of creatives and state of the art reporting tools on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Why do you have to Promote Swords of Might self-defense company: Largest online sword list, 700+ self-defense products, high average order size

Chief Supply

Self defense

Chief Supply self-defense website proudly provides the US military, firefighters, EMT’s, cops, and therefore the general public everywhere the country with high-quality supplies. They carry 55,000 premium quality public safety products from 375+ of the foremost trusted manufacturers within the industry.

They have a meaningful order of $100+ per sale. they provide their affiliates with professionally designed creative self-defense product data feeds and real-time tracking tools.

Why do you have to Promote Chief Supply self-defense website: Best selection of safety gear, huge product inventory, increased commissions available

CHIEF may be a top trusted industry name with an outsized following.

Knife Country USA

Self defense

Knife Country USA may be a family-owned and operated online knife superstore. they provide the most important online inventory of knives and accessories. Customers can find the simplest deals on the foremost popular security equipment and self-defense brands backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their self-defense affiliate program is powered by AvantLink. Knife Country USA has a mean order value of $78. Affiliates have access to all or any of the marketing materials and tools needed to start out earning great commissions directly.

Why do you have to Promote Knife Country USA: State of the art self-defense equipment, reliable knife and outdoor tool dealer, many deals and discounts

Affiliates also can promote their free shipping offer on all orders over $30.


Self defense

Grindworx is your online self-defense resource for low-cost knives, military, enforcement, collectibles, and self-defense products. Their personal protection and defense tools include stunt guns, daggers, utility knives, and defense pens. they provide free shipping on orders of $49+ with no maximum weight or size.

Why do you have to Promote Grindworx self-defense website: Affordable self-defense knives and defense gear, 300+ personal defense products, many marketing tools

Their affordable prices help increase conversion rates and better commissions for his or her affiliates.

Super Self Defense

Self defense

Super Self Defense offers non-lethal personal self-defense protection weapons to realize a plus against an assailant. Their self-defense products included stun guns, pepper sprays, and crime preventing home security items.

Self Defense affiliates will earn 20%-30% on all personal sales counting on the merchandise sold, plus 10% on any affiliate sales that join under you. If that affiliate gets someone to hitch, you’ll also earn 5% of these sales. Why do you have to Promote Super Self Defense: High Commission rate, offers tons of product variations, great to market to families and students

Self Defense’s dummy-proof custom-built social media tools will assist you to achieve the simplest results possible.

Learn Self-Defense Online

For quite 20 years Master Pete has been teaching and training men, women, and youngsters self-defense. Now with their book and their website you’ll also learn self-defense online, the book will teach you to extend your awareness, identify the body’s weapons and targets, and receive a step-by-step introduction. Four other guides on self-defense also will tend for free of charge with every purchase.

they’re going to tend access to professionally written copy and professionally designed graphics to assist with their conversions.

Why do you have to Promote Learn Self-Defense Online: High Commission, many marketing self-defense materials, mobile-friendly landing page

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve got learned about 10 great self-defense affiliate programs, it is time to select a distinct segment to focus on self-defense. you’ll specialize in self-defense training courses. Self Defense Company is that the leader in online close combat training. Affiliates earn a really generous 50% commission rate. MMA self-defense training or martial arts might be a part of this also.

Non-lethal self-defense products are another great niche idea. Reflex Protect has created a non-lethal self-defense spray that’s safer than aerosol with equivalent effective results. they provide their affiliates 15% commissions on all sales.

You could also promote concealed self-defense weapons that are legal to hold anywhere and not appear as if weapons when not in use. Unbreakable isn’t only top quality, lightweight umbrella, it also can be used as a self-defense baton. Affiliates receive a tenth commission rate.

Lastly, one among the foremost popular self-defense niches for ladies in self-defense may be a combination of self-defense and fitness. You know, Tae Bo type stuff. Of course, people can argue the effectiveness of that sort of self-defense, but it is a niche market, and is not that the purpose of all this?

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