Most 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

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Some years back, there was a television commercial about a few shy girls who transformed her image and her life by wearing hot pink mascara. About an equivalent time, there was a black and white commercial promoting a classic brand of luxury foundation. Those were the times when most of the women I knew wore heavy blue eyeshadow.

Times have changed, and therefore the makeup industry has continued to grow. In some ways, it’s more subtle. Eyeshadow palettes are often designed to bring out eye color now instead of competing with it. However, the makeup industry remains growing. In 2016, we generated $84 billion of revenue through makeup sales.

That’s tons of lipstick, eye shadow, and foundation.

That’s also a sign of a strong area for affiliate marketers to create niche websites and begin partnering with makeup companies. during this article, I’ll share the highest 10 makeup affiliate programs in order that you’ll get a thought of what’s out there. Plus, there’s more happening over at my cosmetics affiliate list for more ideas of companies to figure with.

#Makeup Affiliate Programs

1.MicaBeauty Cosmetics
2.BH Cosmetics
6.Juice Beauty
7.Jolie Beauty
9.Style Korean
10.Black Opal


Mica Beauty’s Mineral Makeup consists of all-natural powders. These natural ingredients work with the oils in your skin and are extremely gentle, and free from preservatives – making them suitable for each skin type. Their Mineral Makeup also contains a high antioxidant level that helps protect skin from future damage and premature aging. It also reduces the looks of damaged skin.

Their goal is to supply the very best level of customer satisfaction with their 100% all-natural professional quality cosmetics. Mica Beauty offers a good selection of colors and products.

Mica Beauty affiliates will receive a primary commission of twenty-two. They also offer a 3-tier commission system ranging from tier 1 with 8% commission, and tier 2 and three with 5% commission. Other affiliate program highlights include personalizing promotion codes to distribute, free shipping on domestic orders of over $60 and international orders of over $100, and lifelong cookie duration.

Why you ought to Promote MicaBeauty: They even have a Subscription Products Recurring commission on customer subscription orders as long as they continue to be a customer.

#BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics may be a Los Angeles-based company that sells a good sort of eyeshadow palettes, cream and liquid lipsticks, foundations, makeup for eyelashes and brows, and more. a number of attention shadow palettes contain 25-35 different colors.

Why you ought to Promote BH Cosmetics: There are bonuses and monthly contests for affiliates, plus regular promotions to catch the eye of potential customers.



Ulta may be a bit unique for an affiliate program because it also has brick-and-mortar locations (around 800 of them) in 48 different states. This company appears to be a one-stop shopping mall for beauty products. Ulta carries around 500 different brands.

Besides makeup, Ulta sells hair care products, skin care products, and fragrances. There’s also a couple of bath and body products like exfoliants, bath bombs, and lotions.

The affiliate program is run by Impact. Before affiliates can begin promoting products for a commission, Ulta has got to approve their websites.

Why you ought to Promote Ulta: The big variety of obtainable products could increase both the factor and therefore the average sales order.


Like Ulta, Sephora carries a various selection of makeup and wonder products. so it’s recognizable and familiar to shoppers. There are over 2,500 on-site Sephora stores worldwide.

Sephora carries quite 13,000 products and quite 200 brands. There’s free shipping for each order over $50, and each order comes with a free sample for patrons to undertake.

Why you ought to Promote Sephora: Because the brand is familiar, it’ll have an additional layer of credibility that will help convert shoppers. There also are affiliate-only promotions and special offers.



Colorescience is focused on healthy skin, including preventing damage from UV rays, pollution, and free radicals. This company’s products are mineral-based instead of chemical-based.

Where makeup cares, Colorescience specifically targets foundations. the corporate also sells skin treatments (think eye serum or collagen gel for sagging skin), primers, and sun protectors. There’s a little collection of other makeup products like mascara, eyeliner, eye palettes, and lip shine.

Most orders accompany free shipping and free returns, and a few accompany free samples, too.

Why you ought to Promote Colorescience: the main target on healthy skin could convert some shoppers, specifically if they’re already worried about aging or in danger of skin cancers.

#Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is an organic skincare and wonder company. Juice Beauty uses organic plants to form its products love it. the colors are from plant pigments. Eye products contain vitamins C and E. The skincare products are clinically proven to help with signs of aging.

The affiliate company is run through LinkShare. Juice Beauty has many special offers for affiliates to share with usual customers, too. within us, shipping is free for all orders totaling quite $30.

Why you need to Promote JuiceBeauty: Because the products are organic, they’ll appeal to customers preferring companies that care about the environment and health. These products could even be promoted successfully to women who are fighting the signs of aging.

#Jolie Beauty

Jolie Beauty is based within the united kingdom, but the company does ship to other countries. Products include makeup for the eyes, face, and lips, and a gaggle of specialty makeups that contain glitter. There’s a loose glitter that will be applied as skin accessories. The glitter eye palettes accompany about 24 different shades to undertake for around $35 a gaggle.

To check-in for the affiliate program, you’ve to form an account. the form is simple and asks only for your first and surname, email address, and password.

Why you need to Promote Jolie Beauty: The glitter makeup is that the most important draw here because it’s a product that might be easily marketed to niche crowds.


Their potent formulas have a lively level of skincare ingredients to shield skin from environmental stressors. Many of their products are multi-use, for straightforward application on-the-go, and are designed to instantly revive the planning.

They know that not every natural ingredient is nice for the skin in an equivalent way that not every synthetic is bad, they strive for clean beauty where these two collide. they have been continually working on innovation and pushing boundaries within the industry.

Their affiliate programs offered the best commission rate for each sale, excluding gift cards. The cookie for each link is 30 days. They also offer bonuses for high-performing affiliates, exclusive offers for his or her readers and followers, and free samples and products for select partners.

Why you need to Promote ILIA: All their products are designed with all skin types in mind. They also carry the Leaping Bunny certification and True Skin Radiant Priming Serum, all the other products are gluten-free.

#Style Korean

Style Korean could also be a worldwide e-commerce K-Beauty platform that works with 1,100 partners in over 100 countries. they’re serving quite 1 million consumers worldwide with their Cross Border E-Commerce services. they have over 230 brands and 12,000 products to provide that include makeup, skincare, mask sheet, and obtain in-tuned with the lens, and more.

Why you need to Promote Style Korean: they supply competitive prices to help affiliates’ marketing campaigns plus regular coupons and sales. they supply upcoming brands and products that continue with the sweetness trends.

#Black Opal

Black Opal was started in 1994 it is to provide skincare and makeup to women with skins of color. Black Opal also donates 25% of its proceeds from the Aksanti color collection to Malakai, a non-profit organization that helps provide educational opportunities to women within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Why you need to Promote Black Opal: albeit there isn’t any readily available information on the commission rate or cookies, opal already falls into a definite segment market. the actual fact that opal donates to Malakai is sweet, too.

Affiliate Website Ideas

This list of the very best 10 makeup affiliate programs is just a neighborhood to start out out. Now it’s time to believe which kinds of programs meet your affiliate needs best and therefore the way you’ll use them. I even have a few niche marketing ideas to help get you started.

. besides promoting specialty makeup kits and gift sets that match the vacations, the website could also advertise holiday clothing, karaoke machines and stereos, holiday menu plans, and even party planning software.

What a couple of niche website that focuses on the history of beauty? this might additionally be an honest place to include software that may allow customers to undertaking various looks from different decades.

Using makeup to form special effects could be another fun niche website. one of the foremost important content topics on a definite segment website like this might be the thanks to using makeup to look younger or older.

As you see, earning commissions through makeup affiliate programs doesn’t get to be with a “makeup” website. There are plenty of various topics you’ll leverage to plug these companies and acquire paid!

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