Most 10 Best Job Search Affiliate Programs

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Last year, a lover of mine switched jobs. He hit the work boards. Eventually, he found some new opportunities to use for, and he moved on—but what I noticed during that point was that nearly all of the webpages he visited had job boards on them.

Job searches and job boards don’t leap out as to how to form money, but they will actually be really helpful. Many of them are often tailored to niche websites. They catch the eye of individuals who are content but who even have higher aspirations and are interested in what’s out there.

If you’ve got a distinct segment website, hosting a Job employment board could be an honest thanks to kicking up some extra cash. These top ten job search affiliate programs can assist you to start.

Job Search Affiliate Programs

2.Job Thread
3.Resume Robin
4.Resumes Planet
7.Job stars
9.Vacancy Open
10.UX Jobs Board



Recruiter makes a jobs distribution service for job seekers. There are over 3 million people following Recruiter, so it’s a strong place to urge noticed.

There are a couple of ways affiliate marketers can get purchased referrals to Recruiter. you’ll get commissions on job seekers who distribute their resumes through Recruiter, otherwise, you can get a percentage of the hiring fee when they’re hired. you’ll also get a percentage of the hiring fees when employers that you simply ask Recruiter hire new people. Their affiliate program is managed by FlexOffers.

Why you ought to Promote Recruiter: Unlike some job boards, this isn’t just a pay-per-click deal. The hires and resume distributions are more like sales that you simply get commissions from. an outsized number of followers and therefore the multiple ways to earn commissions are nice perks, too.

Job Thread


One very nice thing about Job Thread is that you simply can tailor the roles you post for the web site you’re posting on. for instance, if you’ve got an internet site about feet, your job postings might include positions for podiatrists and shoe salesman. It’s an honest fit niche website marketer.

JobThread takes care of the hosting and maintenance of the work board, and it’s easy to urge found out. Affiliate marketers can set their fees for employment posting. the sole thing that affiliates need to do is bring traffic to the website where the workboard is posted.

Why you ought to Promote JobThread: It’s easy to line up, so it’s an excellent place for newbies who have an interest in job boards to start. There’s no upfront cost, the commission is sweet, and it works rather well with niche Job market websites.

Resume Robin


Resume Robin distributes a jobs for job seekers. There are over six million users, and resumes are often sent to quite 500 sites. For job seekers, the location is friendly and straightforward to use.

Also, like Recruiter, there’s a page for employers, and affiliate marketers get paid a commission on sales (hires and resume distributions) instead of by clicks.

The network this company uses to distribute resumes reaches quite 20 million job seekers, and it covers tons of Fortune 500 companies. There’s a possibility for lots of hits on nice jobs due to the massive number of users.

Why you ought to Promote Resume Robin: Resume Robin features a higher conversion rate than AdSense.

Resumes Planet


Resumes Planet is one of the leading resume writing services within the US. they assist with well-written, effective, and professional resume that employers are trying to find in job seekers. They guarantee a simple Job ordering process, a resume written by a professional, on-time delivery, and an interview invitation.

the typical product price ranges from $65 – $283 with a mean order size of $140. They even have an excellent conversion rate and an incredibly low rate of reversals or refunds of 4%.

Why you ought to Promote Resumes Planet: Resumes Planet leads in resume writing services consistent with The Washington Post, Winchester Star, and therefore the LA Times. they supply affiliates with creative discount offers. They even guarantee a free revision if the applicant didn’t get a call for participation for an interview after 30 days.



juju, which acts as an employment program rather than an employment board, has quite 8 million job listings available and covers several different categories. Because it’s an employment aggregator, jobs that show abreast of your website through JuJu will are pulled from many various places online.

As an affiliate marketer, this suggests that you’ll get purchased each click generated from your websites. JuJu may be a fairly easy system to line up.

Why you ought to Promote JuJu: There might be a wider sort of jobs through JuJu than from regular job boards. Although the pay-per-click method doesn’t appear to be tons, it can add up if you create content that brings within the proper traffic.



Purejobs has several ways to assist affiliate marketers to make money. If an employment seeker gets to Purejobs from your website and uploads a resume, you get $0.50. If it leads to a resume sale, you get a 25% commission. You’ll also get a 25% commission if a recruiter or employer buys a membership or post-employment after finding Purejobs from your site.

Why you ought to Promote Purejobs: The commissions are supported by actual sales instead of pay-per-click methods, but it’s also nice to urge a little payment whenever you refer someone who uploads a resume.

Job stars


Why you ought to Promote Job stars: Although the bottom commission is 10%, affiliate partners are bound to be paid $100 on their first conversion. the corporate is additionally hospitable in discussing other sorts of partnerships

Rather than being an employment board or employment program, Job stars focuses on helping job seekers prepare to urge the roles they need. the corporate provides tools and resources like career coaching and help with resume writing.



Appcast features a reach of about 10,000 sites that employers and recruiters can post job openings on. Niche market sites are one among the highest four areas which will be targeted for these open jobs, so it’s a pleasant match for affiliate marketers.

Affiliates are paid when an employment seeker finds employment on your website and applies for it.

Why you ought to Promote Appcast: For this company, the most important perk is that it can fit well with affiliate marketing websites. The tighter your niche is, the more targeted the roles are often, which could usher in employers with a better marketing budget.

Vacancy Open


.The fun thing about this company is that it’s globally based. This job program covers freelance work, contract work, full and part-time jobs, internships, and more. When job seekers click through your website to seem at jobs, they’ll be ready to see several categories that the roles fall into, which could keep them on the location longer and increase the probabilities of creating a purchase.

Why you ought to Promote Vacancy Open: this might be honest fit affiliate marketers who have websites with a broad cultural appeal, like a travel website.

UX Jobs Board


This job board is geared specifically toward UX (user experience) professionals, and it’s designed for employers instead of job seekers. Affiliate marketers who refer an employer get paid when the employer posts employment on the UX Jobs Board site.

This is also a worldwide job board, so job seekers could see intriguing jobs from places starting from Arlington, Virginia to Vienna, Austria.

Why you ought to Promote UX Jobs Board: Affiliate marketers with niche sites dealing in some kind of user experience could make money through UX Jobs Board sales. User experience covers a good range of possibilities, including everything from how a product is formed to how it sounds, so niche websites might specialize in graphic design, book covers, engineering, and other intriguing topics.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve had a better check out these top 10 job search affiliate programs, how will you employ them on your niche websites?

That probably depends on the sort of niche websites that you simply have. for instance, if you’ve got an internet site focusing totally on gaming, you would possibly want to host an employment board geared toward software developers and beta testers. you’ll also promote gaming systems, headphones, and high-quality video cards.

What if you’re hooked on kayaking? you would possibly also advertise online subscription-based tutorials about watersports. the work board could list possibilities like tour guides, lifeguards, adventure company managers, and sales executives. you’ll also promote educational software for folks and youngsters, baby-friendly furniture, and packages for Disney vacations.

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