How to grow your online marketing with digital products

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This site uses affiliate links with digital products and that I may earn a little commission once you use my links and make a sale without incurring an additional fee yourself. Many thanks for supporting this website. Please see my legal page for more details.

I knew that creating and selling digital products was lucrative thanks to making money online (even with a little blog) but I put it off an extended time as I assumed it might be hard to try to do.

However, creating and selling digital products online was a lot easier than I ever thought it might be – even for a technophobe like me!

Whilst researching digital products, I found it difficult to seek out the knowledge I needed online then now having worked it out myself, I made a decision to write down this text to point out ways you’ll also create a digital product and sell it on your website with ease!

I’ve also gone one step very and created a Free E-Book called Digital Products Made Easy where we delve into the subject in a lot more depth (including a number of my fave Canva hacks you would like to know!) you’ll download it here.

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Creating and selling your digital products online

Choosing what products to make
When choosing digital products to make, consider what problems your ideal customer may have then believed how you’ll solve that problem for them.

In general, the foremost popular items to sell are going to be ones that save people time or money or improve someone’s quality of life.

So for instance, if you’re a parenting blogger, your ideal reader is perhaps busy Mums looking to save lots of both time and money. the perfect digital product could be a printable planner for busy mums or a budgeting planner.

If you’re a healthy food blogger, your ideal reader is perhaps trying to find ways they will enjoy tasty treats without consuming too many calories. does one have a bunch of delicious but fairly healthy dessert recipes? you’ll make a recipe E-book to unravel their appetite dilemma.

My ideal audience is bloggers looking to find out the way to make money from affiliate marketing. Therefore I created an Affiliate toolkit, full of templates, checklists, planners, and trackers to assist them plan and track their strategies. Since then I even have also developed the subsequent digital products

Choosing a platform to sell your digital products with online

There are better platforms you can use to sell your digital products.

You could do it for free using the free WordPress plugin Woocommerce.

This also approved you to set up a shop page on your blog.

However, there are a few disadvantages.

I personally find the user’s face a lot more complicated with a lot of confusing options.
There is not an affiliate program option unless you download an additional premium plugin which is fairly expensive. A license for 1 site costs $129. If you’re choosing to spend money on a platform for an affiliate program then there are better options!
The next choice is to use the email platform Convertkit. It’s the platform I use for my emails and can’t recommend it enough. They now have a good facility to sell products and it won’t cost you any extra to sell digital products.

The downside is that you can’t have affiliates. So I think this is something that may be useful when you first publish a digital product but further down the line when you want affiliates to help you promote it, you will have to look elsewhere.

I asked around amongst other bloggers and located that a few of the foremost popular options were E-Junkie and Sendowl.

I chose E-Junkie but looking back, I wish I’d chosen Sendowl as I prefer the affiliate user face and that I may check out switching at some point.

My main issue is that the simplicity of the affiliate program which makes it difficult on behalf of me to speak with affiliates whilst remaining GDPR compliant. It’ll do for now, but as my affiliate program grows, I can definitely see me switching to SendOwl.

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