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What’s up everyone, my name’s Roseraj, and I am the guy who started Blogwithrj. I teach people the way to make money from blogging. I have been doing this successfully for quite 5 years now, and honestly, it is a lot easier than you think that. I can definitely show you ways to try to do what I do, and the way to style a reasonably awesome lifestyle for yourself.

For me, being during this business isn’t about getting rich. It’s about having time to try to do the things I actually want to try to do, wish to spend time with my family. In fact, the name Blogwithrj came from the times once I worked a true job and hated having to leap out the door every morning.

All I wanted maybe a bit of additional time during my work.

Well, that dream came true, and that I can show you exactly how I did it and the way you’ll repeat an equivalent process for yourself.

I wasn’t always an online marketer; actually, I’ve done quite a few different jobs over the years.

Internet marketing was just the career path that ‘clicked’ on behalf of me, mostly because I could roll in the hay from the comfort of my very own home and consistent with my very own schedule.

But let’s start a touch further back; if you are going to urge to understand me, you ought to know a touch about where I’m from and what I’ve done.

People always ask me…
They say, “Well, you bought started in 2019. Did I miss the gravy train? I’m sure there’s an excessive amount of competition now, so I’d never stand a chance!”

But the funny thing is that it’s easier than ever to form money online. Why? There are two simple reasons:

More products are being sold online now. People are shifting more and more of their shopping habits to the web world which just wasn’t the case even 5 years ago.

There are more tools to form starting your business easier. Now, there are tools to automate everything. Thousands of individuals have made the journey before, and you’ll use their wisdom to form your path easier.

It’s quite like traveling. within the past, you had to require a ship and spend weeks on the ocean to succeed in far-off places. Once there, you had to form your own adventure!

Now, you’ll reach any destination within the world within 24 hours. there is a guidebook for each country in every language, and there are smartphone apps for fast translation to your language.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to urge started making money online because there are numerous more resources available to you, and you’ll just “follow the guidebook” to urge where you would like to travel (owning a money-generating website).

the story of how I got started…

I grew up in Srilanka but left soon after graduating high school in the USA. I used to be completely bored within the US and wanted to ascertain the planet. At the time, I had a lover living in Qatar, so used her house as my “home base” between trips. once I needed money, I freelanced as an internet designer.

Eventually, I landed a reasonably sweet job as a Blogger, so I used to be officially getting paid to play duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for a couple of hours each day.

After a couple of years of doing that, I broadened my horizons and set my sights thereon Srilanka. I wanted to find out Important languages and begin a subsequent chapter in my travels.

Srilanka was wild. I made plenty of friends, traveled everywhere in the country.

But after being in Srilanka for a short time, I started brooding about my future. I used to be having a blast traveling, but I had no job security, and saving any money very difficult working for low wages.

So I hatched a crazy decision to make US dollars while working in Srilanka. I wanted to start out an internet-based business in order that I could work on my computer in Srilanka but earn money. Even just $30 per day was basically a full-time incomeSrilanka.

I made many mistakes along the way. I wasted time taking surveys. Then I joined a scheme. On just one occasion I stayed up until 4 AM to observe an academic webinar that clothed to be a complete scam.

It took me about six months of fumbling around: browsing around different sites, joining plenty of mailing lists, watching hours of promotional videos, and following my share of purported “gurus” before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

They were the legit online training center I used to be trying to find. After three months of coaching, I had made my first sale through my website. Six months then I used to be generating regular sales. After a complete of eighteen months performing on my website, I used to be earning over $10,000 per month so I quit my job in Srilanka and purchased an airplane ticket back to my very own job.

Thanks to my affiliate websites, by 2019 I get a girlfriend. Her ideas very helpful in my work.

Personally, I’m quite through with traveling for now and luxuriate in being a homebody. I prefer tinkering with my house and happening walks with my wife. it is a simple life. No Lamborghini’s and no private islands, but I even have a family and a few hobbies, and I am good thereupon.

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